Connect and Protect

About You Sitting Service is featuring a new Connect and Protect service that allows face to face communication with friends, family, and health professionals without ever having to leave home. In addition to visual connections, the smart devices offered through Connect and Protect, make it easier to make phone calls, set reminders, make lists, listen to books and music, and much more.

If you have vulnerable loved ones who would like to stay in their own home, but you need the assurance of knowing that assistance for them is just a voice command away, check out what About You Sitting Service has to offer.

Available leasing options include Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal, or Google Home Hub devices. About You Sitting Service will install the system of your choice for a monthly rental fee. Call or email for more information about pricing and to schedule an installation.

Northshore: 985-246-6475
Greater New Orleans Area: 504-754-0021

Who Can Benefit From a smart screen device?

Seniors who may be isolated at home.
Seniors who have mobility issues or need help with reminders.
Family members can have peace of mind if they can actually see that their elderly loved one is doing well and know that help is just a voice command away.

What can these devices do besides a video call?

  • Alert someone when you need help through a voice activated phone call.
  • Manage your calendar
        - Doctor’s appointments
        - Outings with friends
        - Visitors coming
  • Set reminders
        - Time to take your medication
        - Bills are due
        - Feed the cat
        - Take out the garbage
        - Water the plants
  • Keep track of lists such as:
        - Shopping items
        - Things to do
        - Birthdays and holidays
  • Check the weather
  • Check the date and time
  • Catch up on the latest news
  • Stimulate your mind with games
  • Play music
  • Listen to audio books
  • Exercise with a personal trainer
  • Find your cell phone

For more information on Connect and Protect device leasing options and prices, call or email:

Northshore: 985-246-6475
Greater New Orleans Area: 504-754-0021