Summer Outings for Seniors

In south Louisiana the hot, dog days of summer last well into September. In fact, most everyone is thinking about how to stay cool until the first nip of fall arrives, usually sometime in October.

When you have a senior in your care, it’s a good idea to think about places you can go or activities that you can do at home to stimulate your loved one’s interest, improve their mood, and get a little physical exercise.

Some things to think about when planning an outing for your senior, especially when you have a dementia patient, include planning the outing at an ideal time for the patient, make sure your special senior is dressed comfortably, take along necessary medications and personal items.

Places to go when it’s hot outside:

  • Museums! There are museums of all kinds in the Greater New Orleans area and Northshore that are worthy of a visit. Search your local area and you’ll be surprised at the number of museums nearby.
  • Try different restaurants. If there’s one thing we love in Louisiana, it’s flavorful food. Good restaurants are everywhere; try a new one every week, or once a month.
  • Go to a movie, a concert by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, or maybe a sporting event like a Saints game, an LSU game, or a Pelicans game.
  • Go shopping. Take your senior to his or her favorite store.
  • Visit friends or family.
  • Go out for a snowball.

Staying at home?

  • Work on a big, new puzzle.
  • Play cards.
  • Take a look at family photo albums and share stories.
  • Put on your senior’s favorite music and dance, or sing!
  • Make a delicious recipe together.
  • Try out a new exercise routine geared towards seniors.

The important thing with these activities, whether you’re going out to a cool place, or staying indoors in the air conditioning, is to engage your senior in thinking and doing. Active seniors are happier, healthier, and less depressed, so encourage them, whenever possible, to join in, participate, and get involved.