Holidays with Seniors

It’s the time of year when we celebrate the holidays with friends and family. In the midst of attending parties and festive dinners, don’t forget about spending some time with the seniors in your life. Holidays are typically a very joyful and reflective time when we should be thinking about all the things for which we are thankful. Think about seniors that you know who may be lonely, forgotten, or housebound, and take a little time to spread some holiday cheer their way.

Traditions are an excellent way to brighten up the holidays whether it’s trimming a tree, baking cookies, singing Christmas carols, or driving around after dark to look at Christmas lights. Your plans don’t have to be elaborate; the gift of your time and making memories is what’s important.

Studies have shown that seniors who socialize and are active have improved cognitive function, better emotional health, improved sleep, decreased feelings of social isolation, and lower stress levels. Remember to take into account the needs of your golden-ager when planning your venture. What time of day is best? What clothing will be suitable if going out? If you go out, is the destination easily accessible? Will you need to bring medication or accessories?

Holiday Activities


  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood or a nearby park
  • Go out for tea or coffee at local shop or a nice hotel that is decorated for the holidays
  • Go shopping
  • Bring your favorite senior to a family or community get-together

Staying at home:

  • Trim a tree, full size or miniature
  • Decorate for the holidays
  • Bake cookies
  • Bring a special treat like cookies or a favorite dessert
  • Sing Christmas carols or play favorite holiday music
  • Watch a seasonal movie

Make this season special for that certain senior that you know and love. Gift them with a little time, friendship, and compassion, and watch them light up like a Christmas tree.